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 Insurance backed ECU Remapping 

Central Garage is a specialist ECU remapping centre located near Midsomer Norton and Radstock serving Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset. We offer custom ECU tuning designed around your requirements. Viezu performance and fuel economy ECU remaps are insurance backed and come with a *30 day money back guarantee. Improved fuel efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, enhanced power gains in BHP and torque from your vehicle.




Viezu is the world's leading fuel economy tuning expert. BlueOptimize fuel economy remap software and car fuel saving tuning is completely unique to Viezu. The diesel engine tuning and fuel savings that Viezu achieves are the result of many hundreds of hours of R&D in the specific study of vehicle diesel engine fuel economy tuning.


Reasons To BlueOptmize Your Vehicle

  1. Up to 20% savings on cost of fuel - case studies available
  2. Up to 20% reduction on emissions - testing results available
  3. Zero proven impact on warranty and zero impact on residual value - over 150,000 vehicles tuned
  4. No mechanical modifications
  5. Minimal downtime for busy vehicles - installation in less than 1 hour
  6. Possible return on investment within 6 months or less
  7. Reset vehicle to standard at any time
  8. Guaranteed instantaneous fuel saving with a *30-day trial


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All fuel economy tuning and fuel saving services are developed in house on Viezu's 3000bhp rolling road and at their Euro 5 emission certified research and development centre. No other tuning company carries out research and development into the science of fuel economy remap tuning software and guarantees their results like Viezu. 


Come and put us to the test - all our tuning comes with a money back guarantee.


Save fuel and money with Viezu's BlueOptimize products and services, available for most production cars, 4x4s, vans, HGVs, and commercial vehicles. 


What are the advantages of remapping my car?

  • Up to 20% improved fuel economy
  • Improved MPG - reduced emissions (subject to vehicle type)
  • Enhanced sharper throttle response
  • Smoother more progressive power delivery
  • Power and torque improvements
  • No impact on insurance - in most cases, in fact some insurance companies now discount for Viezu fuel economy tuning.


VW blue optimize fuel economy remapping 

The Viezu technicians have developed a truly unique and expansive range of tuning and remapping services specifically aimed at delivering the best in fuel economy tuning.


Fuel economy tuning can deliver significant gains in vehicles fuel efficiency whilst at the same time improve the feel, driveability and performance of the car, van, truck or agricultural vehicle tuned. 


Vehicle manufacturers all have to limit the power and therefore the fuel economy and MPG of their vehicles. This is done for a number of reasons - different markets, fuel grades, vehicle model ranges, marketing, insurance and affordability. So your vehicle may in fact be underperforming from its possible design intent in both power and for fuel economy. Viezu's BlueOptimize fuel economy tuning can release your vehicle's real potential for both fuel economy (MPG), and we can reduce your emissions and C02 at the same time. 


Viezu makes fuel economy tuning very simple - the research and development, testing and proving is already carried out; we will be happy to show you our data and results for your vehicle - nothing is left to chance. Using our unique approach and software we can optimize the fuel use and economy of your vehicle, delivering optimum fuel economy possible. Typical fuel economy gains are between 10-15% (depending on use, load and driver) whilst still providing a nice increase in power, throttle response and driveability. 


The biggest benefit you will see of course is the very significant savings in fuel use and vehicle running cost savings from Viezu's BlueOptimize fuel economy tuning. Once your vehicle is tuned with Viezu's BlueOptimize fuel economy software the more you drive the more you SAVE!

Always be sure to ask for Viezu BlueOptimize Fuel Economy Tuning - it's what the expert vehicle operators and large fleet operators insist on and drive every day.


WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT FUEL ECONOMY GAINS CAN BE HAD WITH A REMAP ON YOUR VEHICLE - dont hestiate to call us at Central Garage (Paulton) Ltd on 01761 416465

  • Up to 40% more power and performance when you need it
  • Greater torque across the whole rev range, sharper, quicker throttle response. 
  • Smoother, quicker delivery of power. 
  • Reliable, quick and easy to install. 
  • Can be reverted to stock when needed


Most commonly asked FAQ'S 


What Does Remapping a Car Mean?

Simply put, remapping, sometimes called ECU tuning, is when the settings on a car’s ‘engine control unit’ (ECU) are altered to improve several areas of the vehicle’s performance. By tweaking the settings on this small computer, the owner can customise how the engine works, and ultimately change the output of the vehicle to their own preferences.


How Does Remapping Work?

Remapping a car changes the manufacturer’s default settings and software on the ECU, replacing it with new software which can be tweaked and customised to the owner’s specifications.

When a vehicle is remapped, the old ECU software is overwritten when the customised software is plugged in to the car’s serial port (sometimes referred to as an OBD port tuning), however on some Types of ECU this process has to be carried out by removing the ECU from the vehicle and gaining access to its internal hardware and flashing the EPROM directly (also known as bench tuning). We ALWAYS use a diagnostics tool on your vehicle with a road test to check for fault codes and live data BEFORE and AFTER we carry out a Remap.


What Does ECU Remapping Do?

As mentioned above, remapping allows you to alter the performance of your vehicle by altering how the engine drives the car, however, it’s how the driver chooses to use the tuned car that ultimately decides what effects the ECU tuning will have and how fuel economic it becomes.

Remapping a vehicle will also have an immediate effect on speed and power; in most cases, remapping your ECU will increase horsepower by 30-40bhp, and torque up to 80nm!

A car’s engine will become more responsive, allowing the driver to overtake more easily. This can also cut down on the number of gear changes the driver has to make, allowing them to handle situations that require more torque without dropping down to lower gears. Again, this can help boost fuel economy if used strategically.

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*Central Garage reserves the right to withdraw the 30 day money back guarantee at any point if signs of file tampering, copying or foul play has taken place. The 30 day guarantee will be based on case by case situation where Central Garage reserves the right to either refund the full, partial on none of the remap cost. The vehicle can be reverted back to original at any given point. All communication regarding the 30 day money back guarantee must be presented via Email or Letter.

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